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The Concept

Eliyahu Wolf is from Lakewood New Jersey. 

He grew up in Passaic NJ, and as a real yeshivisha bucher went on to be one of the most prominent talmidim in Lakewood. 

Eli says that he came up with the idea of binyan blocks when his youngest son asked him to help him build a shul
After a couple of hours the shul was completed but of course the people did not look like real shul people. There was no torah and there were many other things that just did not look right. 

Eliyahu, being an administrator in a Talmud Torah was disappointed and thought to himself "if we can give Jewish children a building set that would have a Jewish theme and torah values, it would really be a great educational tool.  But where do I start?"


The Vision


Aron Weinberger lives in Boro Park and is a computer enthusiast. 

He is a chasidsher yungerman who never went to college yet worked for some of the largest investment firms in New York City.  His biggest farginigen is sitting with his children at the shabbos table singing zemiros and discussing the parshas hashvuah.

He loves a challenge.  He also happens to be Elis cousin.  Aron got to work immediately.

He researched the best manufacturers available and worked with them to get the model of the large shul built.  He also created new molds and print screenings so that the shul could have a beautiful group of heimishe people.  Working with one of the top graphics artists in Boro Park was a blast but we still needed someone with manufacturing knowledge.

That is where Shauli comes in.

The Experience

Shauli who was born and raised in the midwood section of Flatbush would rather be helping people then travelling overseas.  He is a member of the Shomrim, Chaveirim and a Hatzolah paramedic. Shauli and his children go around every Thursday night delivering packages for Tomchei Shabbos

Shauli has been involed with manufacturing and importing for about 7 years and is a close friend of Eli.  As soon as he heard of the idea, he got on board right away and has been working 24/6 to make sure the product has the quality that the JMW toy company expects.

This yeshivish. chasidish and heimish trio came together to develop this awesome series. 

We hope you enjoy playing with it as much as we had fun creating it.


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