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Advertising Images for Download

Images of our boxes







  1. Command Center      (BBCC0268)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  2. Fire Truck          (BBFT0240)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  3. Hatzolah Ambulance  (BBAM0359)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  4. Large Shul          (BBLS0778)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  5. Large Train         (BBLT0754)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  6. Rescue Car          (BBRC0120)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  7. School Bus          (BBSB0477)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  8. Shabbos Table       (BBST0273)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  9. Sukkah              (BBSK0301)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code

  10. Yeshiva             (BBSC1200)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code 

  11. Aleph Bais Train    (BJAB0088)           Flat Image              Perspective            UPC Code







Logo Images


  1. JMW

  2. Binyan Blocks Logo

  3. Binyan Illustration

  4. Binyan Blocks 3D















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